Pedagogyideas.com is for teachers and educators in developing countries. After 25+ years of experience in indigenous education in Canada, Caribbean, Pakistan, Cambodia, Central Asia, the Middle East, and Africa – the author shares a variety of good practices for teachers, teacher trainers and educational leaders. In most developing countries, a combination of: research, local environmental resources and creativity can enrich learning experiences for students. Teachers want to teach. Students want to learn. Leaders want to lead. This site shares innovative ways to use local resources to explore, discover, enhance and inspire the journey of learning.

Pedagogyideas.com  is in response to the world-wide audience of followers of http://www.BTWeducation.com (2006-2012) and will continue to evolve promoting good teaching practices for early grade classrooms.

This website utilizes the WordPress platform and is viewable on desktop computers, mobiles, and tablets. All efforts have been made to keep the download size of pages as small as possible to ensure speed and reliability. Downloadable documents, samples, and forms use the latest PDF format for reliable sharing and printing. If you have trouble viewing the downloads, please update to the latest Adobe Reader.

All comments and suggestions are welcome!

A Short History of Pedagogyideas.com:

  • Originally launched as BTWeducation.com from 2006-2011
  • World-wide audience from 70+ countries visited site
  • Focuses on: lesson plans, technology, inclusive education, low cost no cost teacher aids, classroom management and professional development

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