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This section offers communication strategies for creating a productive and supportive classroom. For example: ways to work with all pupils, ways to monitor pupil progress, ways to deal with inappropriate behaviors.

Ways to Encourage and Support Pupils in their Education

Ways to Encourage Pupils_thumb There are many ways a teacher can encourage and support pupils in their education. It is important to remember it is very difficult for many pupils to concentrate on their studies as they have to work before or after school,    help their parents with harvest season; or do homework without electricity.

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Ways to Assign Pupils Jobs in the Classroom

Ways to Assign Pupils Jobs_thumb There are many ways for pupils to participate in assisting the daily operations of the classroom. Pupils enjoy helping the teacher and it encourages the pupils to take responsibility. Reward the pupils when the jobs are well done with a thank you note, notice on the chalkboard, or an appreciation clap at the end of the week.

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MWBA: Management By Walking Around (The Classroom)

Management by Walking Around_thumb Circulating around the classroom and monitoring progress is the key to keeping pupils focused on learning. The following guidelines can be used as the teacher interacts with pupils during initial instruction, practice sessions, seat-work sessions, cooperative learning activities and learning center activities.

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