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Ideas for planning and organizing a fantastic workshop.

Team Building: Brainstorming Activity Ideas

Team Building Ideas Brainstorming ActivityTo make participants more comfortable during your team building activity, try these ideas:

  • Provide name tags
  • Make a display with everyone’s name and school on it
  • Try to hold meetings/workshops in a venue away from school
  • Make some decorations, banners, or signs to say what you want the workshop to accomplish
  • Plan a social activity – lunch at a restaurant instead of the workshop venue; a barbeque in the school yard instead of lunch in the classroom; and so on

Download: Team Building Ideas Brainstorming

Introduction to Icebreakers and Teambuilding Activities

Introduction to Ice-Breakers and Teambuilding Activities_thumb

Professional Development is offered at the cluster level, school level, local government level, state level and national level. Educators come together to discover outcomes rather than to be told everything; to explore and discuss rather than listen to lectures; and to make and create rather than receive handouts.

Ice-breakers and Team-building Activities can enhance the training sessions. An Ice-breaker is used to allow participants to introduce themselves to each other and to lead into the content of the training session. Team-building Activities are used to create and enhance the relationship of the participants’ in the group.

Download: Introduction to Ice-Breakers and Teambuilding Activities

Planning a Workshop: Identify, Sort, and Store Equipment and Supplies

Workshops Identify Sort and Store Equipment_thumbAccessibility of materials is essential for the facilitator to have an effective workshop. Organizing the materials to meet storage requirements for a wide variety of materials is an essential, challenging and on-going task. The following materials are all practical. Some supplies need to be purchased and others are available in the local environment.

Download: Planning a Workshop: Identify, Sort, and Store Equipment


Planning and Organizing a Workshop: Where to Start

01 Where to Start Planning a Workshop_thumbGetting Started
This section is a guide to developing an overall goal for a workshop, building the agenda, planning for the workshop, orchestrating the workshop and following-up after the workshop.

  • Overall Goal
  • Targeting the Needs of your Participants
  • Building you Agenda

Download: Where to Start Planning a Workshop