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Time is an important resource. The school day has a fixed amount of time – it cannot be made longer or shorter. It is up to the teacher to use and plan each day.

As a teacher, it is important to be an effective time manager, allocating time to plan and teach lessons, perform activities during break, and accomplish personal goals. Through the use of Time Management, a teacher can successfully accomplish professional and personal goals effectively. By planning carefully, examining objectives, and prioritizing tasks, a teacher can discover – she can work smarter, not harder and discover spare time to do other things.

Setting and Achieving Goals

Time-management-setting-and-achieving-goals_thumb Write daily lesson plans to help organize and use time efficiently.


Read the story to become familiar with the characters and the sequencing of events. Each group develops a Venn Diagram illustrating the characteristics of Frog and Black handed Monkey that are different by placing the characteristics of Black handed Monkey in once circle and the characteristics of Black handed Monkey in the other circle. The characteristics that are the same will be placed in the interconnecting circle. Continue reading