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Gender Awareness Series One: Lesson 2 – Daily Profile

Gender Awareness Lesson 2 - Seasonal Labor_thumb There are many factors that affect the learning experiences of boys and girls during the seasons (rainy and dry). Both boys and girls do agricultural work and off- farm work during the different seasons. The divisions of labor between the rainy and dry seasons can affect their attendance and their performance at school.

Gender Awareness Lesson 2 – Seasonal Labor

Gender Awareness Series One: Lesson 1 – Daily Profile

Gender Equity Lesson 1 - Daily Profile_thumb Subject
English, Language Arts, Social Studies, Mathematics

1 to 6

The teacher uses a chart for pupils to identify his or her roles, activities and/or tasks before school, during school and after school. Pupils participate in small groups to create a Venn diagram of what pupils do before school during school, and after school. Pupils discuss the roles of girls and boys, the balance of tasks in the dry season and wet season and the impact on attendance and school work. Pupils are encouraged to share ideas on how to create a balance of male/female participation in activities; how to increase attendance and how to increase pupil performance. Pupils design a poster focusing on ‘youth’ and integrating the ideas about gender awareness. Evaluation includes checklists and rubrics. Continue reading