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Starting out with Low-Cost No-Cost: Gathering and Storing Local Materials

Gathering local materials is essential for the teacher to be prepared for teaching and learning. Organizing the materials to meet storage requirements for a wide variety of materials is an essential, challenging and on-going task.

Natural Resources

Natural resources differ from one geographical location to another. Near the ocean, there are pebbles, seashells and smooth sticks. In agricultural areas, there are pebbles, leaves, cornhusks, and seeds. In desert areas, there are pebbles, seeds and coconut husks. It is essential to select safe, clean, and useful resources for workshop activities.

Recycled Resources

There are many resources in the environment that can be recycled and reused. Facilitators need to be resourceful and creative. Availability of items will vary from place to place; it is essential to focus on what is readily available and useful.

Storing Local Materials

Effective storage containers ensure the local materials are available at all times. It is important to be practical and creative when storing supplies for classroom use. Items used together should be stored together. If possible, store materials that are most often used so the items can be located quickly. Select a container appropriate for the environment, for example, in hot, dry climate – a metal container may be best; in hot, wet climates – a plastic container may be best.

Using Portable Containers

There are many multi-purpose, portable storage and carrying containers that provide flexibility when arranging and storing supplies. Portable storage also allows participants to carry materials anywhere in the room.

Low-Cost No-Cost Gathering and Organizing Materials_thumbGathering Low-Cost No-Cost: Finding and Storing Local Materials