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Writing Lesson Plans: The Effective Teacher Quiz

08 Lesson-Plans-Effective-Teacher-quiz_thumb Are you an effective teacher? The Effective Teacher Quiz comprises 20 statements that describe an effective teacher. Teacher Z from ABC School completed the Effective Teacher Quiz with a score of 44. She rated Very Good on the Effective Teacher Quiz. Complete the following Quiz and find out your score.

The Effective Teacher Quiz

Writing Lesson Plans: Step-by-Step Process

05 Writing Lesson Plans Step by Step_thumbThe following lesson plan proceeds step-by-step. It starts with three questions that all teachers ask when planning: Where are my pupils going? How are they going to get there? How will you know when they have arrived? Other steps include: Goals, Objectives, Background Knowledge, Materials, Lesson Description and Lesson Procedure.

Writing Lesson Plans: Step by Step Process

Writing Lesson Plans Using Bloom’s Taxonomy of Cognitive Processes

03 Writing Lesson Plans Using Blooms Taxonomy_thumb To teach … a series of sentences or statements that clearly state what is to be accomplished are specified. The sentences or statements include the terms – objectives, criteria, learning criteria or specifications – are used interchangeably and mean the same thing. The outcome for all of these words is pupil achievement and performance. Continue reading